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Default The next step....

I'm a huge fan of soft starting when I have something important to talk about. I make sure that we're both in a place where we're able to focus on just talking - maybe make a drink/tea, nothing else on the go, not right before bed, turn off your phones and then talk. Once the stage has been set for good communication, I'm all about being honest, but being respectful about it as well. To me it sounds like you're ready to have some serious communication with your husband, but are looking for the right way to do that, and a way to express how scared you are that he is going to shut things down before they even go to the next level. I hear you saying something along the lines of "I really respect your opinions and feelings, and definitely know that I need your blessings in any other relationship that I have. It makes me scared because...." and so forth. I like having mental conversations to get clear about the things that I want to express, sometimes I even write notes if it's a tricky conversation for me to have.

You're in an interesting place, and I wish you lots of luck as you take your next steps! Looking forward to reading more of your posts.
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