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Default Well now, that's an interesting reaction

I missed a conversation between Bear and Lovely this weekend. It seems that her daughter's best friend's dad, who is her friend, has been crushing on her for about a year. She just found out about it.

My first thought? She should date him! And us, too, of course LOL But I think she should explore the possibilities of a relationship with him. I'd be really happy for her.

Some unicorn hunter I am, huh?

So with that in mind, I had a chat with Bear about, uhhhhh.... crap, I have to go look up the term... Ok, I can't find that handy-dandy post with terms and definitions. Bummer. Anyway, I think it's a safe-sex circle. Y'all know what I mean though, right?

We are disease free. I would like to STAY that way. So, I'm going to be (I kid you not, this is what Bear said) the "pussy nazi". I get to vet everyone and their everyone and make sure that everybody has a clean bill of health from their doctor.

So, later I'm going to talk to Lovely about the guy and tell her to go for it, IF she wants : )
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