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Floated idea of blogging together with Sugar, he's open to it in theory (yay!) but he said to talk more when we know more details about what we were thinking (Carob and I). He also said it could give him an idea of what I meant if I sent him the link to my current blog (this one). Haha. Ah. Ah. I didn't really think this through did I.

I reckon our communication in general is pretty good (both with S & C) and they understand context enough (this being a private kinda ranty blog, albeit on a public forum!) that we could work through any concerns arising from them reading my personal posts. I wouldn't want to have to censor myself; I enjoy being able to write fairly freely here.

Will have a think about it. Maybe let them have a read of what I've written so far. And maybe have some kind of deal that if it's getting messy for whatever reason, I can ask them to stop reading for a while (if that would work). We'll see.

Poly social thing was cool. Met a few people again that I'd connected with briefly last time I went along to something run by this group. There were a couple of people I really clicked with, but aha... no time for that Well, maybe with N... sometime later... if she liked me too... Well, she was quite quite nice and we jived. But left without exchanging details and that felt right, so have set that paper boat sailing for now.

Re: spanking, heh. First night Sugar was so enthusiastic that I got too freaked to let him. Next time I actually was too sleepy and had a headache (I swear). But we stole a quickie between appointments yesterday and it was really nice A good way to reconnect.

In other news, Carob and I are getting really good at the videosexin. Sweeeeet. And, a sideways cute thing: Skyping with C yesterday, and he looked beaming. I asked him - what are you so happy about? He said "I'm feeling hopeful about the future". "Aww," I said, kind of assuming it was something relationship-related, "what in particular is making you so hopeful?"

It was the $25 Linux computer

Gotta admit, that made me pretty hopeful about the future too But, yeah. Just a funny moment.
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