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Originally Posted by ThatGirlInGray View Post
Define "caused" My husband didn't tie me up and put me in a closest, but plenty of families make the decision that the lower-earning parent will stay home with the kid(s) (childcare is EXPENSIVE) for at least a few years. In a lot of cases (still, unfortunately) the husband has a higher-paying job than the wife.
At my work, the last three girls who have had kids have all done the child-care for the majority, even though, in all three cases, she earned more than he did.

For me, I believe that child support is a fair payment, anything else is totally down to the people involved. While you might have made the decision to stay at home on financial grounds, there was still the options of the other partner (or partners in some poly situations) staying at home instead or using both (or more) incomes to pay for childcare. The decision that you made included you knowing that your earning potential might be reduced for an amount of time when you were due to return to the workforce. That said, child support should definitely include any external childcare costs (e.g. nursery).
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