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Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
I think unless the husband caused the wife to be unable to work, he doesn't owe her money.
Define "caused" My husband didn't tie me up and put me in a closest, but plenty of families make the decision that the lower-earning parent will stay home with the kid(s) (childcare is EXPENSIVE) for at least a few years. In a lot of cases (still, unfortunately) the husband has a higher-paying job than the wife.

This is a ridiculous job-market. I have a bachelor's degree and two teaching credentials and after being home with my younger child for 2 years (because, sexism aside, a programmer will pretty much always make more than a teacher, so I stayed home even though MC would LOVE to be a SAHD!) I'm pretty much screwed in terms of getting back into my field. There are tons of teachers searching for jobs with more or more recent experience than I have.

So if something happened where MC and I separated, I absolutely think he'd need to provide not only basic child support but some sort of additional financial assistance at least for a year or two while I tried to get a job that would pay enough to still have some left over after paying taxes and childcare.

(Obviously this is all for a separation where kids are involved and care of those kids has affected one's participation in the job market.)
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