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IMO if I came here and all I was getting were "Aww, s'okaaaaay" all the time in response to serious matters and questions it'd be no different than me explaining my relationship to some friends and having them give me the pity face. If I wanted that I would go to those people offline and experience it there.

Do I see people post things that come off as an attack, or really are attacks? Of course. I'd like to think we're all adult enough to tell whoever to chill the fuck out sometimes, depending on what was said. Maybe it's just because I've been posting on forums for almost a decade now, or that I lurk for a while and gauge things beforehand, but expecting changes in communicative styles because of past offenses is lofty at best.

Do what you can to ignore or confront. Plenty of us are outspoken and logical enough and have done so. For example I've never seen nycindie reluctant to apologize if she's upset anyone, so while you may not be on board with how she posts, anything malicious I'm not seeing.
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