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Originally Posted by genebean View Post
The love language that I most associate with is that of gifts and I feel this love language gets a bad rap. My feelings on this have nothing to do with materialism or possessions but of the thought that goes into the gift. I get just as (if not more) excited about giving a gift as receiving. Does anyone here associate themselves with this and what are your thoughts?
I am totally in alignment with this. My beloveds are both brilliant in the language of hauling interesting things home to the nest. Sometimes they cost very little, or nothing at all, but show that they were thinking of me, of us, of our mutual enjoyment, or of fun that those gifts will make possible. Sometimes the best gifts are something like a snip of a plant that is beautiful, but we don't recognize, and can spend a delicious hour looking up and learning about. Or a rock with such an interesting shape, we can spend hours making up stories about it.

Sometimes the gift is very practical but just right. For instance there is a certain kind of fabric band-aid that I love but is hard to find, being a gardener and tool user who always is dinging up her hands. When my husband brought home a box of 200 of these and presented them with a shy smile and murmuring, "Married people gift!", my heart melted.

I don't mind if they are more lavish--I'm fond of high-powered rifles, for instance (some of which can be gotten quite cheaply, particularly the historic ones). But really for me it's more like the information/experience hunting-and-gathering thing that gets me where I live. The three of us are very much oriented around learning and growing, so anything that supports that makes each and all of us happy.
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