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Originally Posted by Ready2Fly View Post
I do think that suffering is built into strict monogamy, though, because it's the natural desire of humans to want to make intimate connections with people around them. When that desire arises, strict monogamy reduces your choices to betraying your partner by acting on it, or betraying yourself by suppressing the desire.
This assumes that everyone has a desire pattern such as--apparently--yours is.

I've known many people--and was one for 15 years--who never looked at another person besides their partner and was as happy with that as I was at other times when I had intimate connections with other people.

I will note however that a lot of monogamous people DO have "intimate connections" of various sorts. They just may not look like sex.

Then again, I detest generalizations such as "it's the natural desire of humans to want Thing X." Case in point: I know a lot of introverts who are absolutely at their happiest and most creative when they don't have to deal with other people at all.
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