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So just an update if anyone cares LOL. As of this morning I believe we are well on our way to an arrangement that works for everyone. We exchanged several long long emails about our needs and wants and our relationship. He finally admitted that he was in need of some things too after I brought up giving him some freedom to experiment as well. He was and still is a little insecure about this but he says that he wants to try it and wants to see both of us happy. I couldn't be more pleased so far. I know it will be hard for both of us in the beginning but I am very optimistic about this and the fact that we were able to communicate effectively eventually and get to a place where we both understood each other. I told him that I am not a cheater and am not going to become one because of this and he agreed that honesty and openness was a better arrangement than cheating or feeling unfulfilled for years would be. I thank everyone who replied with suggestions and thoughts, it helped me explain things to him and put things into perspective for me. so..... Yep... happy
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