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Originally Posted by transcendental View Post
Lia: Good luck! It took me years to persuade my husband there were sexual issues between us. Luckily he is able to separate my being poly from his sexuality. I think that because that was tackled slowly over a number of years when the poly-bomb dropped it was logical. It helps that our relationship is perfect in every other way. We still haven't progressed enough that I am able to have a fully physical relationship with someone (I posted about that elsewhere!). I'm hoping that will come (and soon!).
I'm so happy for you that you and your husband are working things out! As I think more and more about the future, I am less optimistic that my husband and I will work out. He is extremely jealous, insecure, and loves to get revenge on me even for the smallest things. He's a great father and I love him for that, but he doesn't seem to put the same effort into our marriage. We recently decided to separate, but I do wish that we will continue a loving relationship and not just for our son.
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