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Originally Posted by dragonflysky View Post
Lia, regardless of whether or not you're poly, I think your husband is being very selfish in refusing to go to a doctor. (I had the same problem with my ex-husband. I was so afraid to talk directly about it for fear it would make things worse, e.g. increased self-consciousness, but you've already taken that step.)
I agree that he is being selfish. It makes me feel that he doesn't care that he may have a problem and that my satisfaction doesn't matter. I'm not just worried about his problem because of the sex, but that there may be a serious issue. I told him it may be his prostate, but he just brushed me off. I guess he thinks that since he is 32, he's okay. In relation to the sex, I feel that as long as he gets off, everything is okay. I definitely am poly, I know it in my heart. I'm really sad that my husband isn't open to considering this lifestyle even if he remains mono.
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