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Default About dating a couple

Hey everyone,
I think I need some advice. Really need it, actually.

So, I'm a 23 cisgendered bisexual female who has been dating this couple (a man and a woman) for about six months. They are amazing and treat me really well, but...
Here is the deal: when I met them, I was told that they weren't really poly, that just received "visitors" every now and then. Back then that was OK for me and was more then eager to go to bed with them. Mostly beacuse I had never been in love and didn't really think that this could happen in a situation like that.
Only we continued seeing each other frequently, we became friends and I fell for them.
Now I really don't know what to do. We never really talked about what is going on between the three of us and I am deadly scared that if I say anything about how I feel they will tell me they won't want to see me anymore. I keep trying to read between the lines of what they do or say and that is really driving me crazy!
(And, yes, most of the time I feel pathetic and with the emotional level of a 13 year old.)
Any tips on how to aproach the subject?
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