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Default Nicci and Nate

Hi everyone,

We are Nate and Nicci (ages 34 and 33) and we are new to posting online and looking online for support but we are not new to the idea of Polyamory. We married in 1998 and starting having children right away. We moved to Nebraska for school and have 6 children living at home ranging in age from 2 to 14. WE KNEW BEFORE WE EVEN GOT MARRIED THAT WE WERE GOING TO BE A DIFFERENT KIND OF FAMILY.

Now that we are almost finished with our degrees and ready to launch our careers, we realized that we are also ready to find our "third". We have always known that we have a lot of love to give and that we were meant to have a LARGE/HUGE family. We know that somewhere out there is a woman that we can fall in love with who will fall in love with us, our entire family, our extended family and we will be with them for life. We are not looking for a fling... we are looking for our fateful perfect match. We are looking for someone to fall in love with on the inside, someone who completes us, and we complete their life at the same time. Obviously someone who wants a large family and of course we are happy to add more children with our new partner.

I could go on and on but what I will tell you is that we do not spend a lot of time online and we are not looking for an online only relationship but we are going to have her in our family very soon one way or another and we felt that joining a forum like this might help us in our journey.

We cannot imagine a more perfect life than sharing our family with her, devoting our lives to making her happy, and we know she is out there waiting for us. Our intention is to have a very equal loving relationship and be open about it in our community, our lives, and even educate others on our type of lifestyle.

We look forward to reading about everyone else and forming a supportive community around us. For this we do see the value in forming online relationships and we are appreciative that forums like these are available to us.

Thanks for reading....

Nate and Nicci
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