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While build day didn't go exactly as planned, I had alot of fun just hanging out with everyone. Usually, I have to rely on Runic Wolf or Wendigo to help me make things that are outside my realm of expertise. Usually my saying that I want to learn how to make something results in Runic Wolf growing impatient with me and taking over and finishing the project. So it was nice that our friend from AOM came down for the day. I got construction tips from him and was able to finish all but the pommel of my new sword all by myself. This allowed Runic Wolf and Wendigo to focus on their own projects, which is always nice. I took breaks between layers of DAP to check on the conversation going on inside. I'm one of the few female fighters, so I spend alot of my time with the guys. It was a nice break to be able to to listen in on the party planning and sewing portion of the conversations. We're even talking about having a sewing party.

Runic Wolf was able to get his new spear built. I'm not sure I like the new spear head, it seems a bit large to me, but my job is to make a cover for it, not wield it. Wendigo felt incredibly unproductive after discovering the shoddy construction of the shield he'd been asked to fix required that he strip it of foam completely and order new foam. Still, I was grateful that we were able to get advice from those more experienced with plastidip, since the shield will be reconstructed in our workshop and not outside in someone's backyard. I know that Wendigo was especially happy to be able to throw back some Woodchuck's with our unit commander.

On top of the awesome hangouts and progress made towards projects, there were delicious burgers. And when we were full, we left to bring Yoda home and for me to get some pain pills for my aching feet. Once the car was unloaded, I took Wendigo home as we were all exhausted from our afternoon spent in the sun.

Yesterday was a lazy day. I'm not sure that I moved from the couch more than half a dozen times all day, in part due to my lovely sunburn. Today, we're being lazy, but will have to head to the store and the laundry room at some point. But at the moment, I'm enjoying family time while it thunderstorms outside.
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