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Lia I totally understand where you're coming from, but for me it was reversed. I wanted my ex wife to have that bond with a woman that was more than just sexual. I saw that being in a Poly type of relationship had a lot of pluses. My ex, who is bi, could have a husband and a wife. Someone that we all shared a loving bond with which is much deeper than sex. I looked at it from all levels and rather than being ok with her having sexual contact with different women, I suggested that she find ONE who met her desires of the heart, mind, body and soul. Someone that we both could love equally, without jealousy or negative feelings being brought into our circle. She was more concerned with the woman falling hard for me, and messing up what we already had established, how absurd, I would never allow the thought of such, but jealousy was in that statement and I had to recognize it for what it was. Now that we are divorced and I've moved on, I now know that this type of relationship is what I desire. A triad of three loving souls who care for each other deeply, and who has each others best interest at heart. Just as a Lion has his Pride where all are working together for the common good of the Pride, realizing how vital cooperating together as one is, and knowing that there's power in numbers and amazing energy as well.
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