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Heya I've liked reading so far and wish you the best of luck. I've recently fallen into a triangle-y situation myself with one of my partners and his new girlfriend, and the lack of awkwardness was joyful to discover for me too

my wife was worried that she may be looking for a "regular partner" and we might be keeping her from that.
I have had this worry with others before. I think it's a fair point to some extent. When you're in a relationship, you sometimes don't have the same energy/inclination/ease of finding another partner (this is obviously not always the case, but in general). It can be a bit like having a job while trying to find another one. The first can somewhat get in the way of the second.

But yeah, as you say, "she's a big girl"... Everyone in any relationship needs to weigh up for themselves whether it's worth it. All you can do is be kind, considerate, honest, loving... sounds like you and your wife are definitely all these

... there wasn't a planning session with a flowchart for this relationship.
WHAT?!? You three are screwed

We all just did what we felt was right.
Amen to that. And if you manage to navigate through things that feel wrong as/when they come up, you're sorted! Bon voyage... or should I say bon appetit? Ah, there should be an apt Italian phrase for the start of poly triads
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