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Originally Posted by LotusesandRoses View Post
Maybe you need to work on building the romance in your marriage. If you feel good about that relationship, I guarantee empathy and compersion becomes easier.

You share more fiduciary type stuff with your husband. In a sense, he's probably always going to be more important. But surrendering "ownership" of a partner's body is a liberating experience. Does he give you attention and make you feel wanted, desired, and appreciated? What would help you feel that?
No, my husband and I have a very loving and beautiful relationship, with lots of physical (not just sexual) affection, romantic date nights, long talks and a great concern for each others well being.

That makes my double standards even more confusing.

I often feel like I feel the need for things I already have.. but I guess what I'm looking for is confirmation, from others, that yes, I still have those things.. and I don't always give that confirmation myself (or understand that others may need it too)
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