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Default Hmm my thought

While I am new to this forum I will also say by their very nature Poly's generally are more accepting of alternate lifestyles then many others.

So for many they might not know the difference, and for others, even if they understand 'open sex', 'swinging', etc is not really 'Poly', there are also alot of friendly Poly people that can share experiences....

Perhaps a 'non-Poly' advice section.

New posters, could be politely informed what Poly is (and is), though pointed out if they still want a friendly place to try to discuss their issues, 'Non-Poly advice' (or whatever section is titled) is where it should be posted, and noted that it is not the main focus of this board.

If we say we are open and trusting and communication is key... should we practice what we preach, when others ask questions.

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