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While new to the forums here also, hopefully you can find some advice and friends.

That being said you might be surprised how many others are like you 'the neighbors wouldn't understand' so keep it behind closed door.

Haven't seen any statistics, but personally would be willing to bet, as many (or more) Poly's are 'in the closet' as LGBTs.

As others have mentioned the really important one that matters, is your significant other (if any don't see it mentioned in your post).

Also personal pet Pevee of mine... you are only a Whore if you charge for sex....

That being said, look online, you can find lots of places to talk to others, and help you understand how you feel, and if it is what you want. If you want to go further, that are quiet a few groups around the country world, and as mentioned you likely can find one somewhere near you.

Good luck and hope everyone here can help with advice and make you feel welcome.
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