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Originally Posted by NovemberRain View Post
I was going to ask about another gf for him. I have two boyfriends, and they don't see anyone else. It might help him understand that you aren't feeling any less for him. On the other hand, if he is truly mono, he could find someone else and leave.

I think it might be wonderful to discuss that with him, if you can find a time when you're both not overly upset about the current situation.
I think he is probably way too upset right now to talk about that. The problem is that he is saying I need to chose between her and him and give him an answer in like 3 days!! I doubt he will have time to settle down before he slaps that divorce papers down. I cannot seem to get through to him that is isnt necessarily about HER specifically, although I do REALLY like her, its about ME and my need for intimacy with another woman. He says "would you really jeopardize out 13 year marriage for her?" and I am like no but I will for ME. He didnt get it when I said that.

But yeah, if he wanted a GF, go for it. And if he is mono and leaves, then if he is happy, i would be ok. I love him and I dont want to lose him but I want him to be happy.

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