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Hey y'all! Brand new to the poly world. I an finalizing a divorce from a very vanilla monogamous marriage of 16 years, yes i have problems admitting when something is over. I tend to beat the dead horse, flip and repeat. LOL. I met my proverbial soul-mate, offered Him my submission, and W/we both knew poly was an interest to us, after a few attempts to find O/our additional love interest. W/we are both now very happy that W/we waited for the right one to come along.Math and my ID will point out that O/our new love is a she. I will keep this only about me as i hope they will each hook up here soon and take a bow. We are currently in the very early stages and have a lot of internal defining to do, so i am very excited to find this treasure chest of information and support. On the basics we are (W- my Master 45/B/M/hetreo), (A-O/our newest joy 48/W/F), and (D-me 48/W/F/Bi) W/we all currently reside in in or around Atl, Ga and our experience in anything plural is limited to encounters only for both women with M/M/F, so W/we are greener than the sky is blue. I enjoy travel, discourse on EVERYTHING, being a mom, outdoor activities.I have been in IT for 20 years and am looking to transition into teaching soon. I have a 20 YO that knows my interests and is wonderfully open and have preschool quads (Yes, not the 4 wheeled kind either LOL) Between us W/we are primary caretakers of 10 kids, 7 are biracial and 3 are Caucasian. W/we are certain to face many challenges but i believe O/our combined skills and determination are a huge pluses. I REFUSE to follow the path of least resistance if it is not one filled with joy and i wouldn't canoe without an oar, so why live my life like i have no freedom to choose what works best for me? I believe the absolute best things in life require commitment, hard work and usually sacrifice, so I am rolling up my sleeves and ready to plunge in with two of the most amazing, wonderful people i know. How lucky am i? So many live their lives without one true love. It took nearly 50 years of seeking finally paid off! I would like to add that while W/we see the diversity added to O/our sex lives as a def bonus. This is about so much more to U/us I hope W and A will take a bow soon.

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