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Originally Posted by Emm View Post
I think it's mostly this one: Teacher & Protector.
Thank you Emm. its all a bit more clear now.

It seems to me that the OP on that thread was not in a place of distress so much as mulling over options for her and her family without considering what impact it would have on the woman her husband is in love with or to the future possibilities of that love interest panning out. She didn't seem to be overly distressed (publicly) by the comments. Mostly surprised and confused.

I can see why she'd by upset with the tags someone added. I can also see where it might of been helpful for some posters to consider how they said things before hitting "submit reply." There was a fair share of posts saying the same thing over and over in different ways though and again I want to point out that taking the posts that are ones that resonated and responding to those is really all that can be done as far as I can see. Eventually those that come across as overly judgmental and grumpy will stop posting or change their tone. I know this has been my reaction and response when people ignore me anyway.
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