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oh m'gosh! I'm not alone! this made me smile so much. I am not really sure of the reasons behind the importance of gifts for me. It's just such a rush to see something and just know that it was meant for someone you love and to receive a gift that you know took some effort and thought. For my sister a few years ago I bought her the most ridiculous silver penguin statue because I knew it'd make her smile (her love langauge is gifts aswell) so now we have this tradition of getting eachother super silly statues and figurines when the mood strikes us, even though I don't much like the statues themselves I absolutely love the excitement of wondering how she topped my last gift. It has gave us a special relationship for sure. My boyfriend's (polypenguin) love langauge is touch and I try my damndest to make sure I give him plenty of hugs and kisses aswell as showing love in my own way.
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