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Originally Posted by Quath View Post
Some people don't like the primary/secondary labels because they can be misleading. The most common use is to point out who you live with or spend the most time with. But some people take it as a measure of the love. So he may be avoiding that to avoid confusion.

People talk about each other. People seek advise from others. So I don't think you did anything wrong. But people do worry about being talked about in a negative manner. One suggestion is to get everyone together and talk about this issue and see how everyone feels about it. This is one of those good issues that you helps develop communication skills in the group (if done well).
At this point the issue is pretty much over C has moved across the country and P isnt talking about her to me 24/7...but of course should this repeate itself when other people come into the picture, I will now know the proper way to handle the situation. C was living in CT, P was living in NY and I was living in NJ at the time so we never really had that group discussion thing...but yes good to know for the future! thank you.
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