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Smile My husband thinks he is poly. How do I know he really is?

To Redpepper. thanks for your reply and yes I will space in future..

Just to let you know this woman was my former boss, but I understand what your saying for sure. It was awkward and sadly, she was my friend, but no longer can we be friends.

Yes his cheating was very damaging and hurtful.
I wish he could of been more honest with me, and I have told him many times how much the truth means to me. The truth hurts, but the lies hurt even more, and the lies mock me, and tell me I am not worthy of the truth.

I am working on trying to regain my trust in him. It is going to take time.
I can't stress to him enough to always be honest no matter how much it is gonna hurt. He says he will try harder to be honest.

I do have my own opinions of what poly is. It seems to differ from my husbands but I am willing to go to meetings and chat with people as I am interested and open minded and I do want to make my marriage work.

and @ MindfulAgony, Yes my husband is fully aware it is a 2 way street as far as me being allowed to find another partner if I so choose to do so, he thinks it will be a good idea and fair enough,
but he does admit he will be jealous and will have to work on getting over that jealousy.

It has not been a good introduction to what my husband tells me is poly.
I look forward to meeting more people who live this lifestyle.

I have many questions. I still do not know if this lifestyle is for me or will even work for us, but I am open minded, and can expand my mind outside of what society says.

My marriage, my husband and the love we share make it worth it to me to try.

I want us to be happy together. even if we can't be happy together I just want to be happy, and I want my husband to be happy.

If it doesn't work out. I can say I tried, and walk away from it all feeling no regrets.
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