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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
The simplest answer is to reserve conversations to times the three of you are together.

For us the bottom line is that everything WILL get shared-because we believe that open, honest communication and NO secrets is absolutely necessary in order to facilitate trust and confidence in one another.

I suggest going to and and reading ALL the articles on poly. That will help you A LOT with understanding more.
Good luck!
I guess this does make sense. I wasnt keeping secrets, I telling C I was worried about P because C was moving away to be with her love, and P was taking it hard, I asked her what I could do to help P, (because shes all he talks about and he was thinking irrationally, and totally depressed) Stupid of me to go to her, but i felt like I had noone else and it was really taking a told on me. I guess I shouldnt have been asking for advice like that. C and I have a connection and are what I would consider friends, so i never imagined this would have happened. I am about to read those articles though. Thank you for your help!
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