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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
I'll be taking a break from active participation on the forums for a while. I got caught up in recent negativity and let it seep into my relationship. I'm focusing on what is real and what I have....a wonderful poly relationship with an incredible woman and her family. I'll be lurking for sure and keeping in touch through Redpepper.

Hope everyone figures out what they want and achieves that...I have; and if a mono vanilla cracker can achieve success in a poly world, there's hope for all of us

Peace and Love
WHAT!? Mono, say it isn't so! You're one the voices of sanity here on the boards! I count on you, Dude!

*pulling it together* Okay, if you need to back away for a while, I can respect that. But I want you to know I am going to miss you like crazy. And I am sending copious quanitities of good vibes your way. Right now. Are you feeling them? Because I am sending them.

Go in peace, BrotherMan, and return when you're ready knowing you are wanted and loved.
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