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Originally Posted by Morgainefairydust View Post
Yes, he set me up, because I don't really want anyone else, not anymore. We shared fantasies sometimes, but that didn't mean I wanted to do it.
As for him moving out, it is his house, not mine. I always thought of it as our home though.
When I try to talk to him, he just gets angry, telling me I am changing the rules. But I think he is changing the rules to suit himself. the situation that you accept that your husband brings this other woman into the home that you share - and in fact you are responsible for "setting up her room" - or you will be without a place to live unless a relative or friend takes you in? Because even though you're married, it's his house? That sure sounds like a threat.

How generous of him to extend his largess to you in offering shelter as his wife as long as you obey his shifting ground rules. [/sarcasm]

Hm, that doesn't sound like a loving poly relationship in general to me. How does he treat you outside of this issue?

Also, this:
We have met other couples for swinging, even had some short term friendships with people.


My husband says that I had talked about a poly vs swinging relationships when we first got together and I have no right to change the rules.
I don't understand - it sounds like you agreed to and engaged in a swinging lifestyle, but clearly did not have not a poly one. Is it that there was a verbal agreement 6 or so years ago that swinging *and* poly would be fine, but poly just never occurred until now for whatever reason?
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