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Checking back in again. Unlike Baggage Patrol, it seems the happier I am, the less I have need to post about it! (love your blog, BP)

So, backing up a bit, the Gentleman got the idea and said the breakup words himself. He was very sad and hurt, but I just found him reminding me of my ex-husband too much, and after 30+ years of that, I sure didn't need that stress again. So, much relief that is over.

I continue to see Ginger once a week, for 24 hours usually. We walk in nature, we go to a museum when it's rainy, and we stay in and fuck like kinky bunnies for hours on end. We usually have sex 4 or 5 times in less than 24 hours. This latest visit, he came over at 3, we had sex til 4:30. (I got an amazing flogging, alternating with having my pussy sucked, and he was so excited by doing it, once it had gone on long enough I have never seen a man put on a condom so fast!)

Then we got dressed and sat on my balcony while I had a cigarette. He wore linen pants and a loose button down shirt... sigh. Looking so good, so rangy, wavy ringlets cascading on his head, salt and cayenne goatee, blonde eyebrows... His personality is just so chill and generous, quiet good humor, quick wit, completely gender queer and pansexual. But still so manly! How does he do it?

Then we went to the grocery store together, and I could hardly keep my eyes off him. In that mundane setting he looked more handsome and desirable than ever, staring at cheese or whatever, head and shoulders towering over most of the shoppers there. It's still a thrill to be out with a man my age, to be perceived as straight after 3 years with tiny young miss pixi, who appears to many to be my daughter, if they don't know better.

Then back to my apartment for food, conversation in the nude. We both had TV to watch that night, basketball playoffs for him, American Idol finale for me, but we both enjoy each so planned to switch channels a lot.

We had more passionate playtime then, to get it out of the way before our shows. Otherwise I knew we'd miss most of the action on TV (happened the previous week, when Ginger and miss pixi were both here and we had a 3some, but more on that later).

So, game shows on, and Ginger kept feeling me up, as he always does. He's a sculptor and keeps modeling my body all the time, though he says he can't model it into anything better because he wouldn't change a thing. During halftime, more actual sex ensued. I didnt mind in the least missing some of Idol, it paled in comparison.

Then back to our shows once again. After Idol ended (my favorite won!), Ginger kept fingering me while his game wore on. He was so tired (he usually goes to bed early) but couldnt seem to stop touching me. I wasn't complaining.

He hopped in bed as soon as his game ended, I wasn't quite ready for sleep. In fact, I was so enthralled by our amazing day and evening, I had to pleasure myself one more time just to calm down.

The next morning, I awoke to see him gazing at me. Quickly sex began again, soft and gentle for a few minutes but quickly becoming hard, passionate, scratching, biting, hickey giving, cacades of orgasms for me, bed wetting and finally a climax for him.

Then we got up for our lazy chat and the ritual pancakes he always makes for us. An extra juicy orange shared. Blues playing in the background. Then he said he wanted a shower. And of course, we messed around wet and slippery and more orgasms for both of us. He left just after 8 as it was a lovely day and he is very involved in building himself a studio/cabin on his land behind his solar house. His college age sons are home for the summer and he adores his private retreat. It's really coming along well. Very high ceilings and a loft bed 6 1/2 feet up so he can walk under it without bumping his head.

And now, a break from seeing each other for another week, tho we chat online multiple times a day. He needs his alone time. I like some solitude as well. I had miss pixi here for 2 weeks previous to this one, and she brings her 2 rambunctious dogs, and I like a break from them, not from her!

Oh! I forgot to mention, though I have occasionally been telling him I love him since 2 months into our relationship, he finally told me the same just after our first lovemaking session this time. God, to finally hear those 3 little words. Cherry on the sundae. He's been calling me "love" in chat and in person, and saying things in chat like, "I feel very lovey towards you right now," or, "Wrapping you up in my love," but it was so sweet to have him finally (after 5 1/2 mos of relationship) actually say it right out.
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