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Originally Posted by BaggagePatrol View Post
Maybe it comes from that insane present-opening high from Christmases as a kid, but I freakin' LOVE prezzies. We grew up poor, and Christmas and birthdays were SO exciting, even though our presents were often wrapped in newspaper, and very inexpensive, or used. I just loved me some presents. I remember my mum wrapping ornaments up for me to open after dinner to hang on the tree - just the act of unwrapping was enough of a bribery to get me to do pretty much any chore you could think of without complaint (I grew up on a farm - there were a lot of chores, so smart moves, mom!)
I think this is why I don't care much about receiving presents. I remember how hard it was for my parents every year around birthdays and Christmas to make them seem "special enough" by getting us presents. I associate gifts with trying to make money stretch too far. When I know a person is well off or saved specifically for a gift, I love it! I think it's fantastic. But if it was a random whim that takes money away from where it was supposed to go - I feel a bit guilty even if I like the item.

My mom was also really sick when I as a kid (heart issues and all that comes with them) so that's probably why I'm "quality time" too. I always LOVED it when she was feeling well enough to go for a walk with us or take us to the park or, hell, even just to go out and get the eggs with us!

I never thought about the REASONS I rated particular love languages... Hmm..
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