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I just saw The Avengers movie for the second time last night. So good!! Then I happened to stumble upon the most adorable possible fanart of Bruce Banner lying sleepless and worried-looking in bed between Tony Stark and Pepper Potts, both of whom are asleep and contented-looking.

If you haven't seen the movie and you plan to, spoiler alert ahoy!! You might not wanna check this out. For the rest of you, if you're curious, I posted the pic along with a little essay about why I think they would totally canonically end up in a threesome on my tumblr:


Splitting up the url due to silly paranoia about internet searches and not wanting this blog to link to any of my other online presences.

Let's split it one more time, just cuz.


Aside from thinking it's adorable and makes a lot of sense, I really feel for Bruce in this pic. I always used to have an annoying time trying to fall asleep between Gia and Eric. The middle of the bed is awesome in terms of feeling warm and safe, but it sucks if you're used to doing a lot of twisting and turning as you settle down to sleep. You can move around a little, but unless you want to be constantly jostling *both* of your bed partners, you end up trying to stay more still than normal. I used to think that if I slept with them more I would get more comfortable and not worry about disturbing them, but as it was there were several nights on which I ended up doing just what Bruce is doing in that pic after the two of them had fallen asleep. I really hope they get a king sized bed at some point.
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