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Default Presents!!?? Did someone say PRESENTS???

Maybe it comes from that insane present-opening high from Christmases as a kid, but I freakin' LOVE prezzies. We grew up poor, and Christmas and birthdays were SO exciting, even though our presents were often wrapped in newspaper, and very inexpensive, or used. I just loved me some presents. I remember my mum wrapping ornaments up for me to open after dinner to hang on the tree - just the act of unwrapping was enough of a bribery to get me to do pretty much any chore you could think of without complaint (I grew up on a farm - there were a lot of chores, so smart moves, mom!)

As an adult I still love presents. It can be a chocolate bar, a beautiful bottle of wine, a single rose, a romantic card that a partner made themselves - even a playlist of songs tucked into my drop box is enough to get me all worked up. Objects that I can use are good - every time I wear a particular perfume it reminds me of the person that gave it to me, every time I eat popcorn out of the bowl that a friend gave me I think of him. I also LOVE experiences as presents - like a spa treatment, or a dinner out - to me those are also gifts. So are orgasms. That's a definite present!

As a result of my firm connection with presents (and acts of service), I love giving them, and pay painstaking attention to other people's secret desires. One of my friends had mentioned that she had always wanted to raise tadpoles - when it was the right season, I hiked out to a pond, caught some tadpoles, bought fish food and a used tank for her, and brought them to her house. To this day she says it is the coolest present that she ever got. I'll catch little pieces of conversations and hold onto them; saying "I never had a sock monkey when I was a kid... they are SO COOL!" will result in a sock monkey coming your way on your birthday. Sync is super into fancy Scotch, and so I bought her this gorgeous Godinger crystal decanter with a silver tray, tongs, and six matching crystal glasses. She loves the shit out of that thing, and I have filled it with gorgeous Scotch a number of times for her & E. It's pretty stunning and was a very, very fun gift to watch her unwrap. I get as much joy out of watching someone else open a present from me as I do opening a present from them.

Sync's language of love is time, and E's is affection. They don't mind the gift giver in me though, but I get hauled back from the edge of ridiculous gifts for them sometimes by one/both of them. It's easy to get carried away when you're in love.... they're happier if I cuddle with them on the couch and tell them that I love them than if I were to buy them a fancy present, any day of the week and I do my best to remember that!

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