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Originally Posted by RunicWolf View Post
I swear BrigidsDaughter and Wendigo extrude an entropic field around them that makes things much messier then they should be. Maybe it's just conflicting work styles that's driving me up the wall. I'm neat and organized, they are..not. It's the one remaining bit of tension between the three of us. They go down there, work, and tear the place up and I always end up having to clean the disaster up before I can do any work. I've tried talking to them, it does no good. No relationship is perfect though, right?
LOL! This is why I now have my own work bench and am slowly acquiring my own tools. Husband and I DEFINITELY have different work styles and he is way messier than I am and I'm not exactly neat (even though I like things neat and organized), more lazy. Maybe there's a compromise you three can work out. With myself, it helps to have pictures posted of how things are "supposed" to look, kind of a reminder to put things away.

Great news about the new job.
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