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Originally Posted by rory View Post
I made a plan with Alec to talk about sex every week. There's a reminder about it in his phone. I feel that our sex life needs regular discussions for maintenance, and those don't seem to happen on their own, so now we're trying this. I'm very happy about this plan.
Oh, update! This has been working very well so far. Although his phone proved unreliable, so we switched the reminder to my phone. It hasn't been long, of course, but so far I am very happy. The discussions haven't been super-long, and they haven't had any specific agenda. Both of us simply have said whatever came to mind at the time. But it does so much. At least to me it feels actually easier to talk about sex at other times, too, when it is happening regularly. I don't feel as vulnerable about expressing my desires, since it is not only when there's a pressing need but more casually. Very good!
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