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It's actually my husband's top love language, and it's my least important one - there's actually only a few people I can receive a gift from without getting really uncomfortable. It's caused problems for us - as in budget and clutter. Receiving stuff I don't need or want can be frustrating. I work hard to keep clutter under control and the last thing I want is another "cute" gift I have to display and dust.

I've finally got him to make an agreement with me that when he goes on a work trip or something, he can bring me back one item under a certain price. He used to bring back half a dozen things that caught his eye. When he sticks to our one item agreement I'll smile and tell him how much I love him, even if I hate the item, because I know it's important to him, and I'm proud when he can curb his tendencies. I try to keep my feelings to myself when he wants to buy a more expensive items for friends or family for a gift, as I know it's how he shows love, but his family seems to be topping each other budget wise every year, and that's a strain too. Obviously poly = more presents to buy .

I wish it wasn't his main love language because it's difficult to find gifts for him, he has all the games, toys, books and geek related things he could want, and I know he likes gifts. Nevertheless, I never thought that was a bad love language, at least as long as it's somewhat about both giving and receiving, it just doesn't come naturally to me because I don't want it for myself.
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