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Gifts was my husbands second highest, I believe, and he describes it much like you do - it's not the value/quantity of gifts as much as the quality. Meaning, on his birthday I can buy him a gift, cook him a fabulous dinner, set aside an entire day all about him, and tell him repeatedly how awesome he is and the thing that will make the biggest impression is the fact that I found the perfect gift, no matter the amount of time, effort, or money it took the fact that it reflects him, me, and our relationship is what he appreciates. For example, he was a big comic book reader as a kid and always missed that. This past Christmas I bought him quite a few graphic novels from a local used book store. It cost me next to nothing, took near to no effort (I frequented the shop anyway), but it was perfect. He got to feel like he was indulging his inner child by returning to a media form he loves, and it was something we could connect over because I chose plots more formatted for adults.

I love giving gifts, but I would much rather go do something special than to receive a gift in return. While this is kind of gift-y since it I appreciate things we don't do often/cost more than we're usually willing to spend a lot more than I appreciate every weekend activities, it is still more of a quality time thing than a gift/monetary thing.
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