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Ok.. So I am slightly obsessed with this show... Overall, the wives seem to be treated pretty well. I believe every one of them has commented that they are free to leave whenever they want. They all choose to live in this setting, and even if it is a struggle sometimes they don't want to change that. Each relationship within the family has had its struggles, but everyone seems committed to each other to make it work.

The wives have commented that they don't want to have any other men because of their religious beliefs. That is their choice, and saying the a polygamous arrangement is unfair to the women seems ridiculous to me since they made the choice to do it. While most of us here generally think the OPP type set up sucks, that is what they believe in and want. If we don't want people to fault us for wanting our preferred relationship style to be accepted, why should we get to judge the one they all chose?

My husband and I watch this together and talk about all kinds of stuff when things come up. One thing we've noticed is the connection between Meri and Robyn. Meri was the one who got Kody to first ask Robyn to dance, she has always been close to Robyn (even while struggling with integrating another wife), and they just seem to be a lot closer than the other wives - most of the time. Anyway, as untrue and possibly blasphemous as it is, we've started referring to Robyn and Meri as "Scissor wives" instead of "Sister wives" because we believe there is some romantic current between the two of them. And, of course, it's a reference to another show we love - South Park.
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