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Love the graph Tonberry! I do so much better with visuals.

The tag you would be looking for on unicorn hunting would be "unicorns" "unicorn" "unicorn hunting" and sometimes "triad" brings threads up.

Its hard to get all the answers in one thread. Reading lots can really help get a grasp on the bigger picture and how much people have been struggling to understand what the issues are with unicorn hunting.

Really, it makes sense to me that couples would start out that way. Its seems like the best deal ever! Don't have to worry about someone being left out, don't have to worry about going it alone, don't have to worry about the person having their own thing going on. Sounds awesome on paper. Thing is that it leaves out what the person might be thinking, feeling, doing in their lives. Its all about emathizing, compassion, consideration.... for me that is one of the pillars of poly (tag "lessons" "foundations") that makes a poly relationship strong. Without that then I have known few situations that have worked. The triad situations that seem to work are those built out of friendship first and the surprise of love becoming romantic.
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