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To explain my issue with a lot of unicorn hunting, I drew this little graph:

My problem is simple. A lot of unicorn hunters want their unicorn to only date both of them at once, and have sex with both of them at once. Not just one of them. Oh, but they can date each other or have sex with each other without the unicorn present.
They want the unicorn to be their subordinate, not their equal. Looking for someone knowing from the start that you want to give them different, inferior rights bugs me. If it somehow falls into place that way because they meet someone who isn't interested in one-on-one sex or dating, but is fine with them having one-on-one sex or dating without them, it's one thing. But looking for it, demanding it, and then complaining that you can't find it... that bugs me.

On top of that, they're often thinking of someone who would be hidden (we can't have people know we're dating her), would babysit their kids when they're off on dates without her, and is disposable if things go wrong.

All of that bugs me. Imagine a single guy making similar demands ("I want a young girl who will depend on me financially, who will be willing to hide the fact that we're together, who will take care of my apartment while I'm out alone but who will not be allowed out without me present") it's obvious that there is a double standard, it's obvious that the demands are abusive.
Yes, it can work, in this case it would be a dom/sub relationship, but a lot of unicorn hunters don't seem to realise they're basically asking a woman to be their sub. They think they're being so nice and generous and that women should rush to them. I just want them to take a good look at what they're asking and understand why it's hard for them to find someone who fits the bill.
And if they could be a little bit more flexible and give the woman a bit more leeway, it would be nice too.
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