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Originally Posted by zephyrrine View Post
so pretty much all of you agree that if a woman who is suppose to married to a man is cast a side she shouldn't be helped. I'm not saying monthly alimony payments, but at least a simple here is some money to help you out or here is a plain ticket back home.
If she chose to marry the man, she put herself in that position. She could have made sure she legal documents in place to cover herself or gotten a bank account that only she could access set up to make sure she wouldn't be stranded if the relationship ended.

Now, in situations where underage girls are sold off and forced to marry men, there is a-whole-nother legal issue and they sure as hell deserve some retribution.

Our choices lead us places. Choosing to put yourself in a situation where you have no legal protection is still a choice. Why should a man (albeit an asshole) be punished because he found a woman or women who would willingly enter into a situation where he has that power over them? Does it suck, sure, but just like he chose to be a dick and throw someone out of his house, she chose to ignore the danger of it when she entered into the situation.
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