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I've come to a very recent acceptance that there are two languages at play all around me. I see this here and at the monthly Poly meetings I attend and even in my discussions with Redpepper. There is essentially two languages being spoken when the mono world meets the poly world. Words that have immediate and understandable meanings to one world are different for the other.
Don't know if it's strictly a mono/poly difference, but I definately concur that there is a HUGE discrepency in what people MEAN when they speak, and what people HEAR when someone has spoken.

All the words you listed, and LOVE are HUGE ones in our MARRIAGE! Heck-"marriage" was one of those words.

We struggle with that issue ALL THE TIME.

I gotta run, deal with some personal issues (AGAIN) but I'll check back and try to catch up on a forum gone wild in 3 days.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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