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Your family life is as good as it can get ... you are married to a fantastic husband and father yet you only have sex 6 times a year. Was this lack of desire and or loss libido the cause of the depression which was treated with anti-depressants. Don't anti-depressant just naturally kill or dampen libido?

What was your husbands complaint? Did he think the NRE got out hand? Did he have a solution in mind?

This bridge form swinging to poly is hard to cross mentally for some. Many have suggested here that there is a disconnect when a loving husband is fine with a guy or guys using their with wife as a human sex toy to cum into but if feelings and relationships develop... no way that's a rule violation comes the melt down. Did you have such a rule.?

Maybe you both have known its over for many years...he just agreed to the swinging thing in hopes of saving the marriage .

Maybe the spillover effect was just that spillover.

Seems I little unfair to judge a guy from 1 quote from an email rant or melt down. Where's the open mindedness. What about the past 10yrs...all that history ... the first 7 yrs .... I hope that was factored in. I don't know but 10 yrs of jerking off should buy him something a little less harsh and maybe some understanding.

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