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Originally Posted by Marcelo View Post
Wow, sorry that it felt like a drubbing. I didn't mean to pry. I do hope his circumstances will be conducive to his idyllic-sounding willingness to accommodate your situation.

Because, although most comments focused on your relationship with your husband, I presume that your relationship with T is equally important to you, and has its own internal dynamics which are also significant.

In my own experience, though my secondary and I are both married, she feels under-appreciated by her husband, whereas my wife is very loving and I really have no complaints. Even this minor asymmetry has led to some insecurities, deriving from her wondering, 'Do I need him more than he needs me?' My answer to her is 'no,' but at a distance, it can be easy to misinterpret and imagine otherwise.
Your post didn't feel like a drubbing Marcelo It was earlier input that felt that way. Nor did it feel like prying.

It is certainly an interesting angle, and one that I will consider. Thank you.
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