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It's been a little over a month since I posted anything in my blog. Most people know from the "How're you doing thread" that Runic Wolf and Loveleigh didn't work out and that Wendigo and I have been on a break. . . . well the break is over.

Last week after fighter practice; after Runic Wolf went to bed and Wendigo was engrossed in playing Dynasty Warrior 7 he suddenly paused the game, pulled me into his arms and said he wanted to apologize to me and asked me how I wanted him to apologize and kissed me. The kiss turned into more and; well there is something to be said for absence makes the heart grow fonder. . . it makes something else grow too.
Anyways, I accepted his apology and took him home sated.

Fast forward to this week, after tomorrow, we will have spent 3 days together. Tuesday night was game and after I picked him up we spent half an hour just chatting in the car waiting for Runic Wolf to get off work. We came back here, worked on some projects until it was time for game and after game I curled up to watch them play Dynasty Warrior. They're really enjoying that time and I help out by letting one or the other of them know when the other is in need of help and keep an eye out for health pots while they are fighting. It's worked out pretty well so far.

Last night we skipped fighter practice. Wendigo is prepping our friend's shield to be plastidiped and the fumes from the DAP combined with the plastidip that our friend had attempted to use to do it himself gave me a nasty headache. I took some motrin and curled up on the couch while Wendigo cooked jambalaya for dinner. (Both of my guys are much better cooks than I am. lol.)

While the workshop aired out, we hung out on the couch. The guys playing their game while I alternated whose lap I was snuggling until after Yoda went to bed. Both of them had been teasing me on and off all night and when I got up to go to the bathroom and came back, I walked infront of Wendigo's line of sight to the TV. And he told me he loved me but I needed to stop blocking the TV. lol. Still, I sat there for a minute or two digesting that sentence. HE LOVES ME!!!! Yes, I know he loves me, but it's been a full year since I've heard those words outloud. I was practically giddy. When they tired of playing, I seduced them both. I'm such a naughty girl.

Tomorrow is build day for out realm. I'm looking forward to it. A friend of ours who thinks Runic Wolf and I bicker too much will be there. I look forward to being sickeningly sweet with him.
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