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My comment referrred to the 'fetish list' on Fetlife. Fetlife is a social media site, kinda similar to Facebook, where kinksters, fetishists, and BDSM enthusiasts of all sorts can interact, post pictures and videos, write about stuff, post on forums, find friends - all that social media-y stuff.

The fetish list on Fet tells other people what you are into - bondage, spanking, whatever. And people make up funny fetishes too. (I have Doctor Who as a fetish for instance.)

Pink's comment about pork-n-beans as a fetish cracked me up and so I responded.

Although, you know about the porn rule right? 'If it exists, there is porn about it.' So although I was joking, there are probably serious pork-n-beans fetishists out there.

*Returns PinkDragon's blog to her*
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