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To my mind, there's two problems that cause the friction in that sort of topic (UH/OPP/whatever)

1. New members don't spend any time trying to get a feel for how the board works, even people who start their posts "long-time reader, first-time poster" often haven't actually read a lot of topics. If they had, they'd know the sort of response they're likely to get from the start.

2. Old (in terms of forum membership rather than age ) members forget that everyone is new once. While it might be the 10,000th time that you've seen the topic, it's the first for someone posting it. They think that because these new people "aren't doing poly right" that they need to be educated, and some people aren't shy about being completely scathing in their "teaching methods."

The obvious answer is for people to not be a dick when they're posting. Sometimes that doesn't work out though (guilty of it myself, for sure) so some sort of forum separation is a good idea, or simply just a stronger moderation force, that actively moderates posts that are of an unnecessarily harsh nature - the philosophy behind that being that it's ok to disagree, but still be at least respectful of the poster - if it crosses that line of respect, then it gets moderated. I'm not suggesting handing out bans left-right-and-centre btw, just that moderators should remove posts that go too far, and talk to posters if they're nearly crossing the line - the idea being that they're there to encourage positive discussions where people don't feel attacked, even if they're disagreeing with your point.

In some cases, people are oversensitive, in others people are legitimately attacking others, that's why having a fair, consistent and active moderation team is the best solution - then a line is drawn as to what is, and isn't, acceptable.
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