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Default and on a more positive note..

Just wanted to share a couple of nice things that have happened.
2 weeks ago I had spent the night with the lovely and chamring MrBrown.. we see each other about every 4-5 weeks now, which is just the right interval for me because our time together is so intense - not just the sex, but the conversations and the general energy between us - that more, would be too much. Anyway, because he lives in another city I took a couple of hours off from work, so we could wake up in peace and I did not have to rush to the train.

So I arrive at the office and sit down next to my co-worker. A little background: I am out to most co-workers. Some of them are also good friends and I talk to them about my life, others just know but don't talk about it. This particular co-worker (a great woman with a very good down-to-earth sense of humour) falls in the latter category. So I sit down and she says, knowing that I had the morning off, and probably thinking I had errands to run: "so, did you accomplish everything you wanted to? Did you get everything done?" All of a sudden I am at a loss for words... thinking of the evening sex, the 'waking up in the middle of the night sex' and the 'oh we have some time before the alarm goes off sex' I have had over the past 14 hours. Beacuse I do not reply she keeps going: "I mean, did you have satisfactory morning? was it good for you?" And I just start blushing and giggling and say "dear E. I could tell you how satisfactory my morning was, but believe me, you don't want to know".
She doesn't get it, looks at me, wants to ask a question, then sees my overnight bag, then GETS it, and we both burst out laughing and she says "no you're right! I dont want to know! but I'm glad you had a good time!"
It was a great moment.


I also met up with a woman I got in touch with through OKCupid. She's American but has just moved to my country with her husband, her husbands partner, and their kid (who is the biological child of her husband and his partner). They all live together and it was so great to talk to someone who has been living the poly-life seriously and consciously for years, someone who understands the little things as well as the big issues. We met for drinks and dinner, had a great time and she has invited me to come to dinner sometime soon so I can meet her family. I'm excited about that and am hoping for a nice friendship here....
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