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Skype is the best. With regular video calls, I hardly mind the distance between me and Mya. I mean, I would love to have more regular physical connection, definitely, but with the skyping I feel us being in a relationship and connected even when apart. I don't think things would work without that, since we've been in LDR from the beginning.

Thumbs up for the communication. I'm sure taking a break would have solved very little, so it's probably better to keep feeling it and processing it as long as you can. I am similar to you in that when I'm down I'm drawn to being alone. And I do need some of that, but if I go fully with that instinct, it actually becomes counter-productive. I.e., I start to feel worse and worse. That's why I need to, at some point, find the strength to reconnect (not just to my partners but to other people as well).

It's definitely an adjustment to write something you know your partner reads, too. I need to express myself by writing so it's really important to me to not be too restricted in what or how I write. I feel it takes strength sometimes to put something out there, which you suspect will be emotional for your partner to read. Sometimes we've agreed that we'll hold posting for a bit so that we can skype right away after reading about something. With some topics it is emotional, or it feels like there may easily be misunderstandings. I think the most important thing for me is that me and Mya communicate in very similar ways, so misunderstandings are rare. If they were to happen more often, I don't think it would work for me to journal at the same place.
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