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Originally Posted by km34 View Post
I would be very, very, very careful about approaching a relationship so soon after a breakup. There is that whole "rebound" period where people will grasp on to anyone who seems caring or better than the last guy and do you really want her decision to be with you to be based on those emotions?

Offer her a place to live, let her get her life straightened out, THEN approach a romantic relationship.

That's what I recommend anyway. I feel like trying to get someone in a new relationship while she's still trying to end one is a recipe for drama.

so you think it would be better to go ahead with the house and help her out of it.. and then ask her later on together as a couple once she's become stable... this actually sounds like a better idea... i really care for them both a lot and wouldn't do anything to possibly jeopardize this.. and i also want to keep my wife happy.. while trying to take care of our friend.. any ideas on putting my wife's slight insecurity to rest.. i tell her i love her and that no matter what she is and always will be my wife and that our friend will simply be an addition to an already great thing.. she's very conscious on her appearance and she thinks her friend is more beautiful then her simply because she's skinnier. which is saddening for me but i understand it's her view.. she also knows that she can't bear children while our friend can.. and she's scared of her becoming pregnant and us running away leaving my wife behind.. which is insane to me and kills me

also the other day my wife and her kissed.. and she kissed her back (was amazing and made me happy)
and my wife asked her to in essence sit on my lap and she said omg i can't it's YOUR husband.. which my wife said go ahead it's okay and after the third time she did slightly and cautiously - any ideas? on letting her know it's okay to be with a married couple

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