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Default Ahhhh NRE <3

Bear and I had a fabulous two hour conversation with Lovely last night. I wish she didn't live two hours away!

It's so much fun getting to know someone, especially when it's for the purpose of determining whether a dating relationship will work out or not.

Bear started asking her sexual questions, which kind of annoyed me. Yes, if we do start a relationship we will have sex, but I am really not quite comfortable with going there yet. Is that a guy thing? To really start focusing on what kind of sex we can have?

Silly question... I know my Bear. He /really/ enjoys sex. Not that I don't, but his mind is geared to start thinking about it earlier than mine.

When it's just she and I talking we focus on other things... our kids, experiences we've had that are similar, things we like to do, or don't like to do. Hair, makeup, nails, clothes. Girl stuff. I'm sure we'd eventually get around to talking about sex, but not as quickly as Bear. He's ready to "git 'er done"! So to speak.

Silly man.
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